Requipper Garage Sale FAQ

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Q: What type of gear can I sell?

Any outdoor equipment or apparel that’s less than 8 years old. In terms of equipment, we’re talking tents, packs, bikes, snowboards, climbing hardgoods, etc. For apparel, anything that is plausibly outdoor related is good. Patagonia fleeces, Arc’teryx puffers, North Face vests. We’ll even take those retro L.L. Bean sweaters!

Q: What type of gear can I NOT sell?

  • • Non-outdoor gear
  • • Anything that is older than 8 years old
  • • Gear that is not in salable condition (e.g., nasty, damaged, etc.)
  • • Climbing softgoods (ropes, harnesses, etc. anything where you would ultra DIE if it failed)
  • • All helmets

Q: What percent of each sale do you take?

It depends on the final sale price of the item. Please see the chart below

Selling PriceYour Payout

Q: Are there any hidden fees?


Q: Where/how do you sell my gear?

We sell your gear on Requipper!

Q: Who decides the value of my gear?

We do. We are expert pricers.

Q: What if I think you’re over/under charging for my gear?

That’s cool. Just email us and we’ll adjust to whatever you want!

Q: What if I decide I want my gear back?

That’s, like, also super cool with us and we won’t charge you anything to get your gear back!

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